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From a leisure stroll through your local city park to a weekend escape at Callaway Gardens, trees and shrubs can make or break the visual impression of your home. Our goal is to give you that deep breath of relief by showing you your properties true value, by having the proper tree and shrub care plan. Tree Care Solutions is anxious to provide you with a professional idea and service.

From the time I was 12 and my dad had a chainsaw in my hand showing me how to cut a log, I have been fascinated with the tree industry. However, my thoughts of the tree industry have changed completely. Coming from a logging back ground to taking college courses and actually learning about the industry. It is breathtaking at how a few trees and shrubs can completely change the visual curb appeal of a property. Through the hundreds of landscapes that I have changed throughout the years, nothing gives me a better feeling than the look on a customers face when they are shown the potential that their property can provide.