Our Services include but are not limited to:

Tree Pruning:

Pruning is a necessity if you have trees and or shrubs on your property. Most pruning to be performed is due to improper plant location Although, just because a tree is in the wrong location does not mean it needs to be removed. That is one of the ways Tree Care Solutions sets itself apart  from other "tree companies".

Tree Removal:

Tree removal is only necessary when a tree is dead, declined or diseased. When a member from our team completes a free site consultation on your property they will educate each and every homeowner on why a tree should be removed.

Storm Damage:

Storm damage may leave branches, leaves and or whole trees laying throughout your property. Broken branches can lead to disease if not properly pruned. Taking care of storm damage is a must to ensure in having a healthy reliable tree.

Stump Grinding:

Stump grinding is a procedure done to allow homeowners to prepare for sod and in some cases replanting of small trees or shrubs. Stump grinding is not stump removal. The grinding goes approximately 4-6" below ground level and will leave behind mulch due to the grinding.

Free Site Consultation:

This is our highest rated service we provide and best of all its free. You receive 15 years experience right at your finger tips. We will go through your entire property and will answer any and all  questions you may have. If they are any issues on your property that are considered to be dangerous or unhealthy we will bring them to your attention.


All firewood will consist of nothing but oak and hickory wood. We will deliver and unload all firewood by the truck load. Please call for rates.